Ada RemoteScan

Scan on Site, Review at the Office

Bring site issues to the team in minutes

To keep everyone safe, we can bring the demo to you—remotely.

RemoteScan gives you everything you need

Clirio and the Ada Platform now have a turn-key solution for bringing group review to on-site issues, quickly and effectively, without the need for unnecessary travel. The Ada RemoteScan package gives you everything you need to create LiDAR and Photogrammetry scans in the field and review them remotely as 3D holograms back at the office or home of teammates or consulting experts.

In conjunction with Ada Cloud software, which allows you to create these holograms quickly and easily, the package contains an iPad Pro for scanning, HoloLens 2 devices for 3D holographic review, and a hard hat mounted Trimble XR-10 for Remote Assist for field workers.

Watch the video below to see how RemoteScan works.


Use the iPad Pro to create detailed, close-up LiDAR and Photogrammetry scans of issues or updates from the site. Then, send the data to Ada Cloud to create shareable 3D holograms of the scans.


Back at the home or office, colleagues don HoloLens devices to see true 3D holographic digital twins of the site scans, collaborate in a virtual space, and determine the next actions required.


Using the hard hat mounted Trimble XR-10, field workers can share their point of view with remote experts, and collaborate on solutions to issues at hand. Solve problems on site without unnecessary travel.

Use Cases

  • Pre-construction site investigation, characterization & mapping.
  • Construction verification, quality assurance.
  • Record of progress, features. Contractor proof-of-work.

  • Site briefings at shift changes or team member onboarding.
  • Site issues or faults that require quick expert review and mitigation.
  • Directing on-site staff with expert guidance.

The Ada RemoteScan Package includes:

  • Two HoloLens 2 devices
  • One Trimble XR-10 hard hat mounted HoloLens
  • One iPad Pro for LiDAR scanning
  • Ada Platform software and documentation
  • Ruggedized shipping case

*Other configurations available

Learn How You Can Bring the Site to the Expert With RemoteScan