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Clarity for your 3D data

Engineers study and solve issues in a 3D world. Yet the industry has been constrained to communicate concepts using 2D images and drawings. This makes it difficult to communicate the scale and scope of challenging projects, as well as the complex geological conditions that must be addressed to achieve project success.

As a solution, Clirio Technologies has developed the Ada Platform (Ada): a functional software platform that enables everyone to understand applied earth science as 3D holographic models. It allows you to use the data and applications that are already part of your workflow, and start to view, discuss, design and collaborate in a true three-dimensional space.

The tools you use.

The software can ingest a wide variety of data types. This is expanded even further by using such partner applications as Global Mapper.

Ada allows 3D holographic models to be viewed through the Microsoft HoloLens, the world’s first self-contained wearable holographic computer. Multiple users can view and collaborate on the holographic models. Models can also be shared and viewed on iOS devices for a larger user base.

Leveraging the power of Azure, complex 3D and geoscience data is rendered in the cloud and delivered securely to clients anywhere in the world for viewing and collaboration on HoloLens. This provides for a high degree of speed, security and graphics fidelity to allow project participants to view a digital twin of a project site from any internet-connected location.

In particular, looking at geologic structures and geomorphology from the perspective that the subject matter expert felt best illustrated the feature really helped convey the data.

Jeff L. Currey, P.E.,NR Materials Engineer, DOT&PF

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