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Real-world implementation of the Ada Platform

Communication through visualization with Ada’s suite of technologies.

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Ada has delivered value in geoscience and infrustructure engineering projects around the world. Our technology empowers all participants and stakeholders, including project owners, engineers, government officials and the general public, at key stages of the project lifecycle and public consultation process.

Case Studies


To effectively train workers in correct procedures and safety techniques when working in and around trenches and excavations, the US Department of Labor used the Ada Platform to create an interactive safety training application.


The Giant Mine Remediation Project is a technically complex and expensive project, of which public consultation is key. The Ada Platform is facilitating the public engagement process and enabling decisions to be made based on science and data.


Due to the continuous impact of landslides on the current route through Denali National Park, the Office of Federal Lands Highway planned to study road alternatives by assembling experts on site. As COVID-19 introduced an indefinite delay, the technical review meeting was conducted virtually using Ada’s technology.


A US $50 million-dollar planning study and public consultation process involving Last Chance Grade, a section of Hwy 101 in Northern California, is currently underway. As it “must be done right the first time” to avoid costly delays and overruns, Caltrans employed Ada to visualize and communicate the geological issues of the site, and implications of the proposed alternative routes.

HoloLens has added value in the Risk Assessment process itself, where it informed the experts of the terrain and underlying spatial information.

Jaime Matteoli, Transportation Engineer, California Department of Transportation (CalTrans).

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