BGC Engineering, with their commitment to innovation, has created the Ada Platform™ to turn client project data, our experience and knowledge into action. Ada combines terrain and survey data, engineering designs and real-time computer graphics to visualize applied earth science projects in high resolution, detailed 3D holograms via the Azure Cloud and HoloLens. With this solution, experts and non-technical stakeholders can visit a digital version of their project site from anywhere in the world. Ada enables us to walk through a past, present or future landscape, facilitate subsurface visualization, and represent time, space and vector data.

Leveraging the power of Azure, complex 3D and geoscience data is rendered in the cloud and delivered securely to clients anywhere in the world for viewing and collaboration on HoloLens. Experts and non-technical stakeholders alike can visit a holographic version of their project site at any point in time – past, present and future.

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